Great school, great pupil

Annor Asare Samuel - 24 years of age

Samuel was another child I had taught as a volunteer teacher who came with us when we opened the school. He came from a family of six boys and was the youngest. While his mother worked, his father had retired so they were really hard up. Worsened by the fact that their mother is hugely Christian and forever taking in waifs and strays, helping people with their medical bills and all manner of other handouts.

Samuel was one of those children who was either going to do extremely well or throw it all away. A natural leader, the other children would follow him blind. Constantly in trouble, he was one of the cheekiest children we’ve ever had at the school.

Here’s what he had to say about his time at the school and what happened afterwards:

"Annor Asare Samuel is my name. I was born on the 24th of June 1991.

I am a product of GREAT Juliet Johnston School. I call my school ‘great’ because of the impact the school had on me. I started my education in Juliet Johnston in September 2003 and during my years of school there I had a lot of knowledge. I was given the chance to express myself freely and I was allowed to ask questions. Mr Chris and all the teachers are very kind and friendly and they do not use the cane even if you do something wrong.

I enjoyed a scholarship with many other children and I am very thankful to my sponsors.

Everything about Juliet Johnston School was the best, even the lunch we had was better as compared to my Senior High school meals.

I boast of academic excellence in all the subjects and that won me a placement at Oyoko Methodist Senior High which is one of the grade A schools in Ghana. I have successfully completed my Senior High school and have gained the grades to go to university. I want to be a geological engineer in future.

I am proud of Juliet Johnston School and of my sponsors.

Long Live Juliet Johnston

Long Live UK

Long Live Ghana"