Sowing the seeds for future growth

Lydia Asamoah - 19 years old

Lydia had been abandoned by both her mother and her father, who were separated, and lived with her grandfather and step-grandmother. They were desperately poor, her grandfather was very old and frail and they just kept a few goats and some chickens to get by.

Lydia was never number one in her class and she was sometimes erratic in doing her homework and so on. But that was always because there was some turmoil at home – at one point her grandfather became so ill she had to go and live with an aunt, and then a few years later he died which left her grief-stricken. We supported her as well as we could.

She’s just completed Secondary High and I’m very proud of her. She is an extremely well-balanced, well thought out and kind individual. This is what she had to say about things:

"I am Lydia Asamoah, a past student of Juliet Johnston School. I have just completed my final year at Newnsuten Senior High Technical School.

During my time at Juliet Johnston, I enjoyed a scholarship from primary till I completed school. Furthermore there were about seventy students whom the school were helping through the scheme of the same sponsorship.

Moreover, Juliet Johnston School is a very good institution that I will recommend to everyone because both teachers and student are really priviledged to use the UK System in addition to the Ghanaian. Some teachers were sponsored to the UK to have some experience on how to teach the student to have a better start in life. The students at Juliet Johnston are very good in terms of academics and sports. They are all fluent in English speaking.

When furthering my education at Senior High I did not find it difficult in speaking English as my other colleagues did in school. In Juliet Johnston they taught me by using the phonic that really helped me during the lesson for English oral. With the help of English I was able to go by any subject in the school."

Lydia hasn’t mentioned in in her text, but she has qualified in soil science and now intends to join field projects in order to help rural villagers with their crops.