Educational success thanks to a sponsor

Beatrice Kankam - 18 years old

Beatrice is one of Charity’s sisters (my unofficially adopted daughter). I taught all three sisters as a volunteer when I first went to Ghana and they all came to Juliet Johnston when it opened, Charity to help around the school, Beatrice and Comfort as pupils.

About a year before the school opened, their father had died. He was very young and it was a big shock to the family who were left virtually destitute. Their father was a very clever man and had held a good job in the civil service, but he was very kind hearted and rather than save, he had continually bailed out members of his extended family or lent them money that would never be repaid.

I found Beatrice a sponsor - which she thoroughly deserved as she worked so hard her whole time at Juliet Johnston.

I asked her to write about her experience of the school and this is what she wrote:

"I was admitted to Juliet Johnston at Primary 2 at the age of ten. It was a strange environment to me. The teachers were so special. Mr Matt helped me a lot. I was very bad at reading, writing and spellings before I came to Juliet Johnston but Mr Matt and all my other teachers were patient with me and gradually I overcame the challenges. I am now good at English and other subjects.

Juliet Johnston School teachers don’t cane children so I was able to go to them whenever I had difficulties and they readily help. The discipline and moral standard of the school is very high. I am a successful upright person today because of how Juliet Johnston took care of me.

I was able to enter Senior High school after Juliet Johnston and when I graduate I hope to run a wedding catering service."